Creating and Inspiring Lasting Change :: Uni Phi Farms

Not long ago the world was made painfully aware of social and economic situations in our home town of St. Louis Missouri. A giant spotlight glared upon our streets, illuminating shadows that have grown and seeded themselves within this city. The media had a field day with exploiting the negative situations, but what about promoting the opportunities being created to facilitate actual lasting positive change? That's what I am here to do today.

ALL LIVES MATTER, and that starts with realizing that YOU matter. What do we all have in common? Our core basic needs to not only survive but to THRIVE.

Which need is so basic, so beautiful, so natural, but often times overlooked and abused? FOOD!! We're talking started from seed, organically nourished, hand harvested, and heart-fully prepared.  

Today I want to take the opportunity to shine a bright beautiful light on the positive on goings within our community that offers much more than just inspiration but an opportunity to create real and lasting change.

I'd like to introduce you to Uni -Phi Farms, a group of hard working individuals with the goal of making a lasting heart centered impact within our community.  

The Heart of their mission :: To teach families and children the valuable life skills of growing and preparing their own food. To provide food for over 2,000 local families. To eliminate the local food deserts within the next two years by impacting the quality and quantity of food available and teaming up with local churches and communities to easily disperse food and help where it is needed the most.

I had the pleasure of hanging out and chatting with these guys for over two hours, and I don't think I have been as excited and inspired by my community as I was when I left that meeting.  The heart, the passion, and the goals that drives them to work hard is truly inspiring! 

Uni-Phi Farms is located on 40 acres in Saint Jacob, Illinois just a hop and a skip over the river from downtown Saint Louis.  They are looking for any and all support in making their dreams happen and reach their goals to support our community. 

From their Community Outreach Page at ::

"We are going to the places that need the most help and giving them our time and resources to clean up the litter, broken bottles and trash piles. We can clean these areas up and make them less likely to harbor crime, it makes it harder to do shady things when the people of the area aren't afraid and care about their community. When we can afford it we are buying abandond lots and following in the Urban Farming Guys foosteps and turing these dangerous places into thriving places to work and contribute good back into local communities.

Everyone at our farm is involved in teaching and all our hubs will have programs that encourge all age participation in things like eating healthy, urban and inside gardening, the importance of physical fitness, how to make a difference, and personal responaibility.

We are Seeking Veterans and Anyone that Wants off the streets. We can employ or find you a place in what we are doing and get you back to being productive. This is a farm, we have animals and food growing, we need people that understand responsibility and respect. Our animals and plants are treated as good as we are, this is undesputable. Not all of our intern and volunteer oppurtunites are farm driven. Our goal is to show individuals that they can take an idea and make a living from it, while loving what they do.

We hand make many items that go into our CSA and charity boxes. Each item is a small business into itself, from our interns and volunteers we are providing jobs, matching them with the right people, creating careers with the skills and network to sustain them. We can grow community economies and keep them local. By buying from only local trusted vendors we can accelorate change." 

If you would like to take steps to help grow our community and support Uni-Phi Farms please visit their Indiegogo campaign to donate and support their efforts to raise money for materials to grow their farm, or visit their community outreach page to sign up as a volunteer.  Some volunteer opportunities include ::

Aquaponics and How to Build & Maintain Systems
Earth, Cob, Straw, Log Building Homes & Greenhouses
Organic Farming & Composting
Health is Wealth
Market Stand Operations
Team Building & Community Clean Up
Physical Fitness & Detox
Fire Arms Awareness
Leadership Training
Animal Care
Self & Group Defense