Seasonal Wellness :: The Poetry of Nature

Our souls flow with the energies of the river, the winds, the sun, and the earth of mother nature. As we observe and experience the flow of  seasons around us, we experience them within. 

To dive into the seasons within means discovering how the body, mind, and spirit tune into the natural energy flow of the world around us. 

This natural rhythm expresses itself through our state of being and wellness. Each of us unique in our relationships with nature and the seasons, we must call on our intuition as a compass to seek out our wellness path's direction.  

Our wellness path is experiencing the poetry of nature.

Sun Songs and Moon Whispers
Pastel Skies and Shimmering Rainbows
Veggie patches and Mushroom clusters
Thunder Storms and Fresh Snow
Thick Forests and  Flowering Meadows
Flowing Rivers and Mighty Mountains
Plant Allies and Loving Relationships

This poetry of nature is the wild remedy. 

If you find yourself toes submerged in dirt and grass, flowers in your hair, the wind against your skin, and a smile on your face, you have experienced a wild remedy.  The simplest means to improving your condition is taking a step outside and giving thanks for the air you breathe.  

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