Alchemy of Food

Food tells a story // whispering to the very core of our being
Food shares an experience // weaving its essence through our energy
Food creates balance // aligning the elements of our spirit

Food is a doorway to the soul. It is our most basic form of transforming and manifesting natural energy. The foods we eat hold a certain vibration that resonates with a unique energy. This energy when weaved through ritual and intention begins to unfold a world of healing and connection. 

Do you desire to make connections with your body, mind, and spirit through natural transformative energy?

Let us take a journey into the elements of Nature and Spirit // Earth // Air // Fire // Water // they reflect the balance of duality and unity within us and this life on Earth. 

By observing the energies of the elements within our everyday life through food, ritual, meditation, adornment, practice, we connect to source // to self // to truth // to love // to balance 

Join me and my sisters Marissa // Moondaughter + Katelyn // Gypsy Moth Sol + Laura // Roots & Feathers on a journey towards connecting to nature // to self through honoring the natural elements!  I will be sharing energetic recipes to get you transforming elemental energy into manifested health!

Elemental // A 5 week e-course to explore the elements within and without you- Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. 

We will lead you through rituals, meditations, recipes, and crafts to honor, balance and create space for the elements within your life. 

Awaken your senses and the wild one within. 

There will be protected classrooms and a private Facebook group for community and celebration.

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Much Love,