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Today I have the great pleasure of offering to one of you lovely peoples out there a spot in the E-course "Feathering the Nest" with Leah Kent and Stephanie Perkinson beginning on March 17th! If you aren't the winner of  the spot but would still love to take the course, you all get 15 % off with the discount code "CONSCIOUSLOVE" YAY!

I had the opportunity to ask Leah a few questions about the course, their own nests, and what feeling at home means to them. Here is what she had to share with us! 


Katie:: They say "Home is where the heart is". How does Feathering the Nest help to inspire this connection between heart and space? 

Leah:: When our homes are in balance we can create an environment that nourishes us from the inside out. Spaces that are arranged to enhance the flow of energy and are accented with things of beauty that we truly cherish bring us joy. This supports us in all of our other pursuits outside of the home, like work and community activities. So many of us have moved around from one place to another and yet we are able to create that nourishing feeling of home wherever we go. This is a beautiful reminder that home is about our relationship to each other and the space that we live in. Usually it is the simplest items that we treasure most, like an heirloom quilt, a special piece of artwork, or perhaps one cozy chair, that can anchor us to a space.

In Feathering the Nest we guide you through each room so you can connect with how you want to feel in your spaces, and then look again with fresh eyes to explore how we can arrange what we already have to amplify those feelings. The most powerful way to make the connection between the heart and our space is through awareness, experimentation, and following your intuition.


Katie:: What was the inspiration for "Feathering the Nest" how has facilitating this course impacted your own relationship with your home?

Leah:: Stephanie and I created Feathering the Nest out of our shared love for bringing art, beauty, and vibrancy to our surroundings. We both have businesses related to healthy living and eating, which can really be thought of as “nourishing.” Out of our conversation, we realized how much we both believe that true soul-nourishment is deeply connected to our physical environments and homes. So we developed Feathering the Nest to help other women create and cultivate these connections between our everyday lives at home and the love and dreams we hold in our soul.

We both believe that when our homes reflect our true loves and desires, it amplifies them and you feel more relaxed, supported, and alive. And we also believe that creating that kind of sanctuary is something we can all do if we follow our intuition and our hearts. Stephanie and I have both deepened our practices of mindfulness at home since we started teaching this course. And we both remind each other to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of home, like soaking in hot baths filled with yummy smelling salts or piling soft pillows on our couches so the whole family can cozy up together after dinner or on the weekend.

Katie:: I love thinking of home as a nest, birds gather things they find from their surroundings to build the structure and keep it cozy. What are some of your favorite pieces from your home that have come from nature and your surroundings?

Leah:: We adore the way that creating an altar or vignette filled with natural objects on a dresser, bookshelf, or small table can bring a blossoming energy of aliveness to your home. Stephanie and I are both big believers in bringing as much nature inside as possible. We both love having as many living plants in our spaces as possible. I have a lot of easy to care for plants in the living room that make me smile every time I see them. Stephanie loves ferns, in particular, and her home has beautiful plants in every room.

From our beach walks, we each love collecting shells, driftwood and smooth rocks which get displayed in bowls, on shelves, or the mantel above a fireplace. And we both love collecting and displaying feathers found on camping trips or just simple walks in the woods near our homes. I think I could go on about this forever because we both fill our homes with natural objects or natural materials, pretty much everywhere you look. Even with pillows, sheets, and blankets, it’s very important that they be made from natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and wool, because they create an ambience of natural warmth to the home.


Katie:: I feel most at home curled up in a cozy chair reading a book while drinking tea or in my kitchen crafting endless food possibilities. What makes you feel most at home in your nest?

We both feel most at home when we are surrounded by our loved ones, the house is mostly tidied up, and we are eating dinner around the table or have our feet tucked up on the couch reading or playing games after dinner. Stephanie and I both have kitchens that are connected to our living and dining rooms because this is where all of the action is at home. For both of us, getting in tune with yourself and giving steady attention to these connections in our homes but also in our spirits is what makes us both feel nurtured by our spaces. This is how we can grow deep, healthy roots at home which allow us to blossom and thrive in all of the other areas of our lives.

Thank you so much Leah for taking time to share with us! 

More about Feathering the Nest

In Feathering the Nest, Stephanie and I help you gently coax the unique beauty in your home out into the open, no matter its shape or size, so that you and your loved ones feel at ease in your space. We want more than anything to show you that your home can become a powerful catalyst for your dreams. When we stir up the energy that’s floating around in your home and show you how to invite more of the good stuff in, you'll start to see beautiful change reflected back to you. Feathering the Nest is a sensual, two week journey that begins on March 17th. We would love to see you there!

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