Cultivating a Meditation Practice

My first encounter with meditation came when I was 6, but up until a few years ago I would have just called it swimming.  From the time I was 6 years old until I was a Junior in high school I swam competitively. Swimming was really the only sport that I truly enjoyed, unlike most team sports, swimming is all about you, and your ability to move through the water. My only competition was me, because in the end I didn't care what place I came in, I only cared about reaching my goal.

The goal: improve my time, improve my ability to move through the water.

Because my goal was singular, it was focused, and it was all about me, swimming was a way to feel my body, to get to know my energy, and to connect my movements to the water. Later I realized this practice as a form of meditation. I found my heartbeat, my breathe, and focused my mind, around the third stroke in. 

I wish I had the opportunities to swim regularly again and tap back into this meditation practice but alas the concrete jungle has few pools outdoor, let alone indoor! Although this brings me to my real point.

Whatever pre conceived notion you have about meditation…. Im not saying its wrong, its just not as limited as you may think! ;)

Image by Yvette::

Image by Yvette::

Meditation comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, energy level, and so forth.  My meditation practice does not look like yours, or anyone else's for that matter and it changes from day to day. A solitary meditation practice should be about making time for yourself to connect to your spirit. WHATEVER THAT LOOKS LIKE!

I found meditation in the things that I do everyday that I LOVE!!! 

For me it looks like making a mess in the kitchen with vegetables or on a canvas with paint and somedays its blending herbs and sipping their sweetness from a steaming cup of tea or a candle lit bath. My practice changes daily, and I try to create a meditative space whenever I can! 

 Although I believe in a relaxed and undefined meditation practice, I believe it is important that we find time to be quiet and let our mind and body rest each day. This is where incorporating a structured meditation practice is very helpful. When we let our mind rest, and our body de-stress it has amazing healing effects on our energy and overall being. By taking a few moments to center ourselves within we can more easily manifest balance throughout our life.

If you would like to begin to cultivate a regular practice and are finding it difficult to get motivated or keep accountable find a local group meditation class that you can attend each week to help you get started. They are a wonderful way to help you get inspired to create a practice that is unique to you. One advantage of a group meditation is that the collective energy of the group can help get you into the meditative state. The collective intention of the room when of peace and positivity, allows for each individual to find a comforting space to relax among others.

So have FUN finding your unique meditation practice from the things that you LOVE to do, as well as cultivating a space to relax and breathe finding peace and balance!

If you are living in the St. Louis City area and are interested in cultivating a meditation practice, I lead a group meditation every Sunday at 10 am at Puravegan Cafe & Yoga, you can check out the Events Page for more details. 


All my Love,