In the River

The water came like a rush, from the infinite upstream. I was breathless in its embrace, swiftly  being carried along its path.  All of me came barreling out as I flowed as one with the river. 

I have no words or thoughts, just feelings that blend smoothly with the energy around me. I am fluid within this amiable existence. Twisting, spiraling, flowing, a torus within a torus.

Meditations lately have taken me on a rush through a swift river of emotions, cleansing me through rapids and waterfalls. When I come back to my breathe a feeling of release washes over me. Winter brought a lot of strong emotion towards the surface, and by working through that energy Spring has been so incredibly transformative and cleansing! 


The Summer Solstice is upon us tomorrow, and with the most light pouring down upon us on this day, I am going to soak in and fill up with the most beautiful light that I can!  

I invite you to join me.

Tonight under the waning moon, enter into meditation, allow yourself to be cleansed in the river. Allow the rhythm of your heart to pull you into the tides and release all that is holding stagnant within you. Feel the call from your breathe for the river has released you. Honoring the element of Water, share gratitude and love with the river. 

Upon rising tomorrow morning, go outside and get grounded, root deep within and share thanks with the element of Earth for providing this physical experience, for this body to fill. 

Look to the Sun, open your heart to receive the light. Allow the energy to flow through you.  Let the warmth and the light amplify the energy of your spirit, Thank the sun and the element of Fire for the energy to walk this path. 

Finally call an intention to be blessed by the wind. Using your conscious thought set this intention on its path to manifestation, and thank the element of Air for the energy of thought and action. 

I will hold space and energy for those who wish to join me in honoring the elements through ritual and those who open their hearts to the light!

If this ritual calls to you and you want to dive deeper into working with the elements join myself and Marissa of Moondaughter, Laura of Roots & Feathers, and Katelyn of Gypsy Moth Sol on a journey of spirit through working with the natural elements! Were going to be sharing alters, rituals, recipes, and so much good energy and wisdom! 

Read more about our Elemental Journey and sign up by clicking here!

Happy Solstice Loved Ones!