Raw Kiwi Chocolate Sandwich Bites


I had way to much fun making and eating these the other night!

At the end of the day when it's time to rest and refresh, I like to make my love and I a treat. We are both hardcore chocolate addicts and our favorite indulgence is homemade chocolate fudge.

I got creative last night when the only thing we had left in the fridge was kiwi, so I whipped up some fudge by combining peanut butter, honey, and raw cacao powder and stuffed it between two slices of kiwi!   I like to keep my recipes simple and fun to make, this takes no time to put together, and while you're making it, you can't help but be excited to eat it when you're finished! All it takes is a little stirring and smoothing and then you've got yummy fudge waiting to be eaten with anything you can dream of!