It is now December, the Winter winds shall soon blow in.  

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For me Winter has always been  space of high and intense energy.  Much of the energy I experience is on the emotional side, reflecting on where I am in life.  

Although I'm a Winter baby, born seven days after the Winter Solstice on the 28th, I am not a huge fan of the cold. Im an Earth + Air element, so I tend to be in my head  but rooted firmly in the ground. My spirit has naturally led me to work with plants as my guides. This being so, I blend + drink tea, a lot! I also focus on creating warmth in my body through  seasonal plant based foods!  

I honestly love the Winter. The energy during the holidays whether you celebrate them or not, is of abundance, love, and compassion, spreading the energy of spirit throughout! 

The Winter can also bring seasonal depression, which is just our way of facing our emotional energies having to do with our fear. We can fall into a depression if we do not let fear dissipate when we face it.

Winter is an opportunity to come into alignment with accepting our fears without judgement and allowing love to be the center of our emotional being. Our emotional sensors are strong during this time, making inner reflective work, and emotional energy work  heightened tools of consciousness. 

Im making an effort to step back and focus on how my actions, my thoughts, and my emotions are affecting my inner being at its core. Balancing my emotions, and letting go of old judgments is my soul work for this season. I want to embrace unconditional love in each moment. Winter can be hard, but its the preparation of the soul to bloom again in the spring! Im going to stay cozy, and spend lots of time with a cup of herbal magic in my hand!

Winter Words::

Water:: Emotions:: Reflection:: Internal:: Yin:: Mother:: Moon:: Strength::


Love + Light,