Trust:: Feel:: Release::




Last night was the last full moon of 2013. This full moon asked us to face all these emotions that we have been feeling. It is the Winter season with nature now speaking to us through the element of water. Water being the governing element of our emotions brings this aspect of spirit into a heightened energy allowing us to clearly see it's reflection.  

Through  a Water charging ritual last night, I confronted fears that have been blocked and stagnant. Each moment we bring to life through emotion. When we allow ourselves to hold on to the moments with negative emotion, it creates imbalance in the present.  

My intention manifesting through love, is to honor myself, spirit, energy  in every moment, and to release the fears that hold me still. 

I also took part in a bridging ceremony with Athena from Sage Goddess which brought us from the light into the dark preparing for the new year. During this we called to our angels and guides to relay a message. My guide brought me over the bridge and spoke three words into my heart, Trust, Feel, Release. 

Trust my intuition, my heart is the compass of spirit. Honoring the energy of my heart and  spirit will manifest love and abundance.

Feel the energy all around me. I am whole, connected, and conscious. Everything is a part of me, as I am a part of everything. Feel the energy. 

Release the fears that hold me still. I choose the energy of my heart, I create my world through feeling. 


Allow yourself to reflect, see light, and feel love. 

Love + Light