Full Moon Dreams


The Moon is a divine mirror reflecting the light of the sun, creating shadow, and bringing awareness to the subconscious and unseen mysteries.  Botanicals that resonate within the frequencies of the Moon vibrations often allow us to walk with them back and forth between the veils of light and shadow.

The veil of the dream doorway to the subconscious is to that which we perceive but is beyond what our minds process in the light. Moon Herbs help us to walk among our shadow and our subconscious and to integrate it's wisdom within our conscious self. 

Mugwort + Meadowsweet + Cardamom + Tulsi

Gaze beyond the seen through the depths of truly perceiving to open the mind and spirit to the endless possibilities

Use the Alchemaia Moon Tea for Lunar Rituals,  Nightly Dream Journeys, Intuition Training, Moon Bathing, Water ceremonies






Seasonal Wellness :: The Poetry of Nature

Our souls flow with the energies of the river, the winds, the sun, and the earth of mother nature. As we observe and experience the flow of  seasons around us, we experience them within. 

To dive into the seasons within means discovering how the body, mind, and spirit tune into the natural energy flow of the world around us. 

This natural rhythm expresses itself through our state of being and wellness. Each of us unique in our relationships with nature and the seasons, we must call on our intuition as a compass to seek out our wellness path's direction.  

Our wellness path is experiencing the poetry of nature.

Sun Songs and Moon Whispers
Pastel Skies and Shimmering Rainbows
Veggie patches and Mushroom clusters
Thunder Storms and Fresh Snow
Thick Forests and  Flowering Meadows
Flowing Rivers and Mighty Mountains
Plant Allies and Loving Relationships

This poetry of nature is the wild remedy. 

If you find yourself toes submerged in dirt and grass, flowers in your hair, the wind against your skin, and a smile on your face, you have experienced a wild remedy.  The simplest means to improving your condition is taking a step outside and giving thanks for the air you breathe.  

Discover the magic of wild remedies  and natural wellness practices
throughout the seasons with our
CSW Botanicals Kit + Wellness workshops + Organic Teas

Seasonal connections:: Vision of the Bee (Who is me)

To close out our final edition of seasonal connections is my dear friend and wise woman Katie Burke, offering a beautiful note to end this series!! Happy fall loves!! 


Working on my relationship with women has been a major theme of 2015 for me.  As a woman who was either working in a totally male dominated space, or amongst very competitive women, I was feeling ready to make space for female friendships rooted in trust and openness. 

I run my business online and consult with women who also run online businesses. Many of them writers, healers and wise women. It felt natural for me to start manifesting this desire for sisterly relationships online. So I joined a closed Facebook group and started to get to know some women. It was an intimate group of under 100 women so it was relatively easy to follow everyone’s life stories. It was refreshing to be a witness to women and only show up and not offer advice, but just be heard and say “I’ve been there. I hear you…” and not be offered up a Rumi poem as a salve to my sharing.

This year I had a first experience of going to a woman’s retreat in New York. Many of my clients and women from the group I had joined were going to be there. Meeting these women in person who I had bared my soul too in messages and chatterboxes was an enormous gift. As I was there soaking in the magic of the weekend I had a vision that brought me back to my garden.

In my garden I have a clearing of grass in between the trellis of cucumbers and my sunflower patch. Sometimes I sit and watch the bees move in their zig zag patterns from sunflower to sunflower. The sunflowers are special to me. They grow so fast and strong unlike any of the other plants or flowers I grow. My sunflowers are the Queens of the garden, watching protectively with their crowns of yellow petals. 

As I was at the retreat with these wise women, I had a vision of myself as the bee amongst the sunflower queens. I could feel the pull to move from woman to woman, soaking in her stories and being filled up with her feminine energy. The way I floated from woman to woman gaining the strength and tools I needed to go back to my home and build my safe place. Just as the bee, I have work to do with the gifts I’ve picked up on my journey. 

Women have the ability to offer such potent and healing nectar to other women. Some of us have forgot, but when you start working on it again, I promise you’ll remember the sweetness. A woman who has healed herself and offers healing to others is the best medicine on the planet. Whenever I see a sunflower I am reminded of that. 



Katie Burke is a visual marketing strategist and consultant for entrepreneurs and tastemakers who are ready to take their business from D.I.Y. to the designer marketplace. Katie works with clients to expand their online business to the next level.

Seasonal Connections:: Be Where Your Feet Are

August is coming to a close and with it summer has begun it's transition into fall. Many find themselves moving into busier schedules or going back to the grind that inevitably comes with the resurgence of the school year. For this month's seasonal connections feature we are sharing wisdom from an incredible woman and yoga teacher Rebekah. 

Here’s the thing, your body knows. Your body holds your entire story within every cell. There’s this innate intelligence, this cellular memory that holds our physical and emotional experiences. But most of us are living in our minds. When asked how we feel, we verbally explain. I feel angry. That really hurt my feelings. You just made me so happy.

Ok. But WHERE do you feel it?

When you’re angry, do you feel hot, is your chest tight? When you’re feelings have been hurt, do you feel an aching in your chest, a knot in your throat? When you’re happy are you buzzing, your chest light?

Existence shifts around us. Seasons change, bodies wither, the Earth turns, time as we measure it marches forward. Not for one moment are you or is the energy and matter around you ever standing still. Change is always faithfully present in life. It’s easy to get swallowed by the chaotic energy of transition. It’s easy to switch on autopilot and just go, existing without genuine attention given to the present moment or experience.

There’s something that happens when we get lost in that chaos of energy and matter swirling around us. We forget about OUR energy and matter. We forget about the atoms and cells and forces that hold this vessel together. We drift so far into our minds or beyond that we sometimes forget about this vessel entirely. We detach from the sanctity that fills every moment.

See, this is where that cellular memory comes in. As we experience this existence full of joy, sorrow, elation, disappointment, our body experiences it all with us. Whether we were paying attention or not, our body is always in the present. It fully experiences every moment and it remembers even when our minds and hearts don’t. Knowing this, there becomes this importance in creating a relationship with your body, this importance to being in your body, in the present moment. Like any other relationship, it requires daily devotion, sincere listening, mindful commitment and boundless love. And like any other relationship, it’s a practice.

Be Where Your Feet Are

The most simple but most powerful practice a teacher introduced to me is a tiny phrase with big power to shift your perspective. BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE. You’re stuck in traffic, already late for work and you know you’re behind on a project. Your yoga teacher brings you into the most challenging pose and all you can think about is getting the hell out of it. Something triggers past trauma and you feel an anxiety attack welling up inside of you. When you notice yourself detach from the body and retreat to only the mind and heart, the thoughts and feels, invite yourself to come back, be where your feet are. Maybe you repeat the phrase to yourself, wiggle the toes, take your shoes off and touch your feet or walk barefoot on the Earth. Allow this practice to cultivate and evolve in a way natural to you.

Come Home to Your Body

As a yoga teacher, I’ve noticed a lot of students have never been in their body before. Yes, they’ve lived in it for a bit, broken it in, bumped it, used it. Yet so often they’ve never been asked to turn their attention inward, to LISTEN to their bodies. Our bodies are talking to us all the time. Its telling you exactly what it needs to stay balanced through the constant transitions we’re experiencing. GET MOVING and listen. Don’t just move to sweat (although a good sweat can be glorious), move to practice listening. Move mindfully, with care, listening to what the body has to say. Be where your feet are, even as those feet get to moving and grooving. What nourishes one body may not nourish another so even choosing what kind of movement serves you is a practice in listening to your body. Find what leaves your body feeling strong and your mind renewed and do it. Do it a lot. Do it with intention and purpose. Do it for you. Do it in a way that honors your body. Do it in a way that allows you to feel at home in your body. Come home.

 Connect Your Body and Mind

The nervous system is our physiological connection between the mind and body. Nerves throughout the body gather information about our surroundings and send the info to the brain. This happens, all day everyday until the day we leave these bodies. So how do we make take this connection between mind and body from unconscious to conscious?  We BREATHE, mindfully. Instead of allowing the nervous system to regulate the breath, we first turn our attention inward and then start manipulating the breath. Breathing with slow, extended exhales activates the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing calming hormones and slowing the activity of the body and mind. Focusing on lengthening your inhale will do the opposite, heating the body and activating the mind. In this way, we can see, understand and use the breath as the quickest and most effective connection between body and mind. We can begin to use the breath as a form of centering, as a practice of mindfulness, as a practice of presence.

Existence will continue to shift around us. Seasons will change bodies will slowly wither, the Earth will continue to turn, time as we measure will remain moving forward. As the chaos of change swirls around us we can take refuge in the sanctity of the present moment. We can find solace in the small but mighty practices of presence to reconnect with this experience. We can choose to switch off the autopilot and come home to the wisdom of our bodies. We can tap into the limitless potential of the self. We can choose to be where our feet are.

Rebekah Jarchow is a St. Louis based artist and yogi. She found yoga in 2011 as part of physical therapy for her body after 10 years of competitive swimming and lacrosse. Not only did it heal her broken body, it also began to heal a damaged heart and anxious mind. She finds peace in her practice and it has been a vehicle for change and a driving force forward in all aspects of her life. After developing a soulful home practice, in 2013 she became certified as a 200-hr RYT through St. Louis Yoga Source. Currently, Bek is pursuing her 500-hr certification from Agape Yoga Studio under the skillful direction of Jen Jones, Michael Johnson, Joe and Luna Taft, Cat Matlock and Bryan Legree. Along with this diverse background of teaching methodology, Bek combines her love of physiology, psychology and creativity to encourage open minds and hearts in her students both on and off the mat. Through art and yoga, she hopes to empower students to find peace within themselves, ignite passion, live life and be well.


Seasonal Connections:: Personal Seasons

Beneath the waters of your most primal wild; within the meridians that connect you to all that was, all that is and all that will be, your cyclical nature - an infinite, ageless and all knowing force - is ever flowing.

From the moment you are born, not only does this celestial force compass you until your soul chooses to take on a new vibrational pattern, but it contains more layers than the oldest tree has rings, and possess all the power of creation and destruction that you see reflected back to you through the wondrous, cyclical majesty of the Cosmos and Mother Earth.

Now as a fervently fierce seeker, seer and inspiress of the harmonious fusion of these cycles, Iʼm always looking to discover new and enchanting ways to co-create with the energies of the current season as a gateway to consciously descend deeper into the fruits of my own; and to support you in doing the same.

However. I must be forthright and reveal an exquisite tapestry of vulnerability in regards to this path which, over the last 2 years has become one of my greatest sources of ʻCosmic Liberationʼ....

You see, within the womb of each season, a unique medicine is alchmeized that, if you allow it, merges with your essence and current cycles to create a potent elixir of consciousness that holds the power to rouse you at the depths of your deepest; activate your next gateway of initiation, and trigger the manifestation of experiences that only your most feral imagination could conceive.

And yet, out of all the magnificence that Mother Earth becomes and has to offer each and every season, without fail, Summerʼs medicine is the cornucopia of creativity, growth, pleasure and fulfillment that I resist the most.

For even though I know her fire ceaselessly seeks to become one with my own; to scorch my rust clean and illuminate the way of my rising upon waves that would ripen me to receive the abundance that the thriving nature of Summer reveals is meant for me too....

The truth is.

Over time, Iʼve tempered myself to believe that the raw heat of Summer vibrates at a frequency that is beyond my sensory threshold, despite the fact that at the core of my being, I am her echo.

But hereʼs the thing.

Just as Mother Nature has her seasons, Cosmic One, so do you!

And even though the records of time and how we see those seasons of Earth manifest reveal a specific thread of ʻexperienceʼ that weʼre told we ʻshouldʼ, at some level be attuned and attuning ourselves to, the nature of our most intimate personal cycles (a seasonal flow that is revealed within our birthdate) donʼt always reflect that same energetic all the time. And for those souls who are so innately connected to the Earth, who share an unwavering multidimensional bond, the sonic silence that follows this seemingly sudden variance in flow can really take you by surprise.

And this is where myself (although my home is among the stars) and so many women despite the most wholehearted of intentions become entangled and lost trying to find our way ʻbackʼ with no Sun, no North Star, no familiar Earth Hum or Compass to guide us because weʼre now trying to meld our most potent and natural personal cycle(s) into an unnatural rhythm in search of something, anything we ʻknowʼ.

So rather than consciously channeling the passionate, adventurous and fiery energy of Summer in a way that would enhance the unique gifts that our current personal cycles have to offer, we ʻunknowinglyʼ manifest a resistance in our body and soul; and on the physical plane, an intricate labyrinth of experience that quite frankly, isnʼt necessary!

So Cosmic One, if you feel the spirit of winter, spring or autumn in your bones at this time, let that be and go with that flow first, so that the marrying of the Earths seasons to your own can happen with least effort and ultimate joy; for it is the sacred synthesis of different notes that create a truly untamed melody.

And while you can apply this to any season, rather than Summerʼs echo, know that in this moment, you are her aria - both of which, when embraced, can make even the most rock solid mountains sway and swoon to the undulating rhythms of your conjoined superlative sound.

As a transparent seer and inspiress of the Cosmic Liberation Path, Tara holds luminously seminal space as you navigate and soften the sharpness of your Galactic Edge, remember your Cosmic Legend and venture through invigorating points of no return into the fertile and mystical unknown.

If thereʼs one thing Tara knows for sure, itʼs that the embodiment of a womanʼs cyclical nature is the gateway to her most sacred source of overflow.

Which is why through her highly insightful, poetic and soul-stirring Shamanic AstroNumerology readings rooted in Ancient Egyptian Mythos, Tara facilitates the cyclical fusion within by rousing your primal connection to the magic and medicine within your personal cycles and the celestial bodies above.

Links::  www.CosmicSoulMedicine.com
(If anyone is interested, thereʼs a free 10 minute meditation, “EON ~ Alchemize Your Cosmic Legend” for download as well - http://www.cosmicsoulmedicine.com/freemeditation )
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CosmicSoulMedicine
Instagram: https://instagram.com/tara_villeneuve/

Seasonal Connections:: Heartbeats

Tomorrow we bring in the Full Moon of June. As the seasonal cycle turns we are coming towards Summer's Sun. This spring is bringing so much Earth Energy to the surface as the plants grow and we are nourished by it's blossoming abundance.  For this Full Moon try an amazing way to connect to Mother Earth and this blossoming Spring, brought to you by the enchanting Lindsey "Little Feather" Holt is Heartbeats Earth Connection Ritual !!




Earth Connection Ritual

This simple ritual will assist you with feeling the protective and supportive  love Mother Earth has for you. Allow it to open you up to receiving the nurturing soul support you need at any transition in your life. 

Be sure to allow for some skin to earth contact.

A magical transference of electrons happens from skin to earth contact. These brilliant earth rooted electrons are some of the most potent antioxidants known to (wo)man. Best part, they are free. 

Let’s begin...

  • Lie down on the ground – on your back or stomach, which ever is more comfortable.
  • Breathe deeply – in for 4 counts, pause. Out for 4 counts. Pause. Repeat for several minutes until the warmth of calm blankets your entire being.
  • As you become quiet and relaxed, listen for the heartbeat of the earth coming into you from the center of the planet.
  • Notice how you are feeling. Take in this generous love of Mother Earth.
  • Relax into this space, Mother Earth will not let you go. Be open and receiving to her love and support.
  •   Feel your hearts beat as one.


As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without 

Happy Spring!


Lindsay "Littlefeather" Holt, LMP/ Shamanic Practitioner

Is currently reincarnating herself.

Visit her former incarnation at www.danmalawellness.com

Follow her: https://instagram.com/littlefeather.mightywing/


Seasonal Connections :: The Nature of Awakening

Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, the nature of big shifts and transformation during these times has me truly inspired and excited to be on this Earth. For this month's Seasonal Connections Blog feature i'd like to introduce you to Melissa Amber of Awakening Source and the Empowered Empath. Not only is she sharing here on the blog today, but we have been alchemizing a collaboration of something truly incredible that we can't wait to share!!!  Teaser… Who loves Lion's Mane Mushrooms?!  More details to come soon!!  



That miraculous moment in life where your walk in the forest becomes, breathing as the trees, where your swim in the ocean becomes, dancing as the waves, where your conversation with a friend becomes one with your higher-self, where your moment of pain becomes, enlightenment embodied, that sacred space of no boundary, no beginning, no end, no concern, no effort, no intention, no longer someone...but EVERYTHING...alive, awake, aware.

This is your awakening.

Awakening is a journey of the heart; a continual process of re-membering your divine nature. It is a return to honoring the sacredness of all life, acknowledging your interconnectedness, your innate oneness, your source; with nature herself. Awakening is not some far out spiritual concept or experience to be contained but a divine moment to moment decision we make in each breath of every moment, to feel and live as love itself.

"First, we become aware of that which is Divine around us. Then we become aware of that which is Divine within us. Finally, we become aware that all is Divine, and that there is nothing else. This is the moment of our awakening." Neal Donald Walsh

The Nature of Awakening 

Awakening is a journey
that has many roads.
Opening the human heart
and unraveling our spirits codes.

A commitment to this sacred path
and truly staying the course 
is filled with truth, wisdom & sacrifice 
with an outcome of greater connection to our source.

In this living art of infinite evolution
inclusivity is the way.
Spirit driven, body ridden, mind forgiven
a continual coming back to play.

Fullness, rawness, wholeness, goodness,
flowing with the tides of change 
awakening brings us home to our hearts
to love in an eternal, bountiful, empowering exchange.

By Melissa Amber 

Melissa Amber is an Intuitive Empath, Empowerment Mentor and Certified Wholistic Health Coach, inspiring the embodiment of Sacred Living. As founder of Awakening Source and The Empowered Empath Melissa guides and awakens 

through her #returnofthesacred movement, daily #awakeningreminders and #celebrateitall practice. A passionate artist, poet, moon woman, nature lover, wolf soul she is a creator at heart and happiest barefoot within the forest canopy with her white wolf by her side. Connect with Melissa on FB, Instagram and Pinterest.



Seasonal Connections :: Honoring the Shadow | Shifting into the Light

For the march feature of the Seasonal Connections Blog Series we have an inspiring post from Valerie Ann the Sunset Warrior! ~~~

Here in the northern hemisphere, those of us cooped up by the gusty winds of winter are welcoming the first sights of spring. With the Vernal equinox right around the corner being ushered in with a total-eclipse super new moon, the winds of change are being felt by many.

 Getting in tune with the rhythms of our being is something that we can follow cyclically through the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and our own personal flow. Each of us finds our own intuitive way to connect with these cycles, and I find for me that I enjoy working with the energies of crystals and cards to assist me on my journey. Using these allies as tools for reflection and introspection, I find myself recognizing my shadow side as we seasonally move towards the light.

For me, the beginning of any season marks a time when I am renewing the energy of my sacred space. You will find me honoring the spring by cleaning and clearing the excess from my meditation room, reorganizing the flow with a selection of new images, crystals, and elements from our mother earth. I find that in order to release the dusty cobwebs of my emotional body, I must first do so in my physical environment.

Once I have my space re-energized, I sit down with my allies and begin the introspective process. One by one I will pull cards, asking guidance for this time of change. Questions that I will ask include:

                  *What do I need to know at this time in my life?

                  *What changes am I resisting as I move forward?

                  *What is the state of my current energy? What is the energy I am moving towards?

                  *What is it that I am leaving behind? What energy no longer serves me?

The questions that I find most difficult, yet rewarding, are often those regarding my shadow self. My identity as Sunset Warrior was born from the belief that our shadow sides, the parts of our being that often harbor what we think of as our “negative” qualities, are nothing to fear. We are equal parts of light and dark in this respect, and what better time than now, when we are approaching a day of nearly equal light and dark, to honor this same balance within ourselves?

  For those of you with a current relationship or practice to the cards, consider asking the following questions:

                     *What emotion am I nurturing that is born out of fear or pain?

                     *What aspect of my psyche do I refuse to acknowledge?

                     *What negative thought pattern or habit do I need to release?

There will be an opportunity further down in this post for an activity of this kind to start you off on this journey, but first I want to highlight the benefit of this work.

The brilliant part of honoring and recognizing your shadow side, is that for a moment in time (however brief), you were able to illuminate and integrate it into your current being. Those things that we recognize and are aware of begin to lessen their grip and control on our life, and a simple act of awareness of these aspects of ourselves can open gateways to journeys of healing. Very simple, we can integrate and transmute these shadow sides so that they are no longer in control, no longer run by fear or pain.

One of the ways I do this is through recognition and intention-setting. Should you feel called to, consider taking one of the cards that you pulled in response to your earlier questions. With whatever earth elements you feel drawn to, set up a formation or grid around the card in your sacred space. Imagine yourself transforming the negative aspect of that card into a positive interpretation. I find that journaling my thoughts on the meaning of this card before and after this process can lend some helpful intuitive insights and allow me to set intentions for my day, week, and month ahead. 

However this process looks for you, take the time to be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself space to step away from any of these activities, and make room for any emotions or memories that may come up in this process. Remember, this is about renewal, and to welcome in the new we must gently shed the old.

To jumpstart your journey, choose a card from this image that resonates with you most:

Click the image to reveal the message coming to you this spring!

Sunset Warrior is valerie ann, a multi-faceted being who believes that the more we honor our cracks and fissures, the more we recognize the light and darkness within. The idea behind Sunset Warrior is to integrate the various pieces of life – spirituality, mentality, emotion, and physicality – into a focused and driven embodiment of dreams and desires. Through her craft, valerie ann calls forth the warrior in every Spirit in an effort to inspire movement of being, intention, and inspiration. Tarot readings offer individual directives and insight into present being and movement into Next. She shares a communication with the earth, reading and listening to the healing properties of crystals and stitching them together into a unique and personal patchwork cloak.

For the month of March, Valerie welcomes those new to her shop with a 20% off discount. Find out more at www.sunsetwarrior.me or contact her at valerie@sunsetwarrior.me. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @sunsetwarrior_shop for daily inspiration.