Ritual Offering

Smudge Spray:: A soothing blend of White Sage + Frankincense + Lavender for spritzing on the body, in your space, or objects that need cleansing. {Smudging before brewing a pot of Alchemaia tea opens the space for the energy to flow unhindered through a clear channel.} 

Alchemaia Amulet :: A cork stopped glass vial holding precious botanicals and crystals 

Earth Amulet : Reishi + Frankincense + Magnetite
Heart Amulet : Rose + Peridot
Spirit Amulet : Blue Lotus + Fluorite

{Wearing an Alchemaia Amulet invites the body and energy field to open to their natural vibrations}

Anointing Balm :: An organic blend of Frankincense + Rose + Blue Lotus infused Olive Oil + Beeswax to anoint the body with intention {Anointing infuses intention and botanical vibrations directly with energy points on the body}